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    Luxury villa architectural project in Dubai

    Villa Stingray on The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

    Do you consider the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the 21st century a reality or a myth? We are glad to introduce the first-ever conceptual project from Studia 54 architectural team, as it reveals that it is possible to transform a historical legend into a real project.
    Villa Stingray is located on the most recognisable islands in Dubai, occupying 2 sites within one branch of this manmade archipelago

    Villa Stingray is located on the most recognisable islands in Dubai, occupying 2 sites within one branch of this manmade archipelago. The house is like an oasis that is completely hidden from the surroundings. It has become an expression of the dynamic monumentality of our unfolding architecture and airy plasticity. Our unique biophilic design takes this project to a whole new level: plants, artificial waterfalls, a glazed rooftop pavilion with stunning views of the Persian Gulf.

    As a part of our unique approach to interior design and architecture, which is the art of luxury living in the spirit of time, we have chosen our mission motto based on Vitruvius’ golden rule of architecture. Timeless formula “structure–function–aesthetics” gets the new interpretation as “structure and innovations–comfort–individuality”.

    The concept of a modern garden of Babylon or oasis house established the symbiosis of man and nature on every square metre of the site

    Studia 54 modern high-tech houses combine not only an individual integrated approach to architecture but also an environmental friendliness, safety and innovative materials for your absolute comfort. Beauty cannot be a one-sided interpretation, therefore we have decided to choose “individuality”, because beauty is always multifaceted and individual. The very concept of progress has been undergoing significant changes, and now it has many interpretations: modern design combines innovation, heritage and problem-solving techniques in order to achieve a balance between a comfortable living and the preservation of natural legacy. Our approach to conceptual projects can be briefly described by the famous Latin saying – “Ars Longa, Vita Brevis” which means “life is short, art is eternal”.

    Mesmerising Dubai nature
    Mesmerising Dubai nature

    Dubai is considered to be the enigmatic capital of the East, striking with the scale of its architectural projects, innovations and technical development that only preserves the cultural identity of the Emirates and the great historical heritage of Islam. The versatility of public buildings, hotels, business centres and private residences proves how diverse the Emirate of Dubai is while maintaining an overall luxury atmosphere.

    Stingray sculpture is made from bimetal with a thin copper layer, since the stingray has become the symbol of this villa

    Hence why, our villa’s location is chosen very precisely. The Palm Jumeirah is not only the most recognizable bulk island in the world but also one of the largest man-made archipelagos ever constructed. It is a unique attraction with luxury hotels, including the eponymous Burj Al Arab, headquarters of some large companies, residential areas, and villas. White colour, natural stone, panoramic glazing, plasticity, rare expressive metals are supposed to be the key features of arabic architecture.

    The concept of a modern garden of Babylon or oasis house established the symbiosis of man and nature on every square metre of the site. A desert oasis is water and flora, a feeling of coolness and fresh breeze. Biophilic design, green roof, gardens and glass conservatories within the complex are bringing into existence the hanging gardens of Babylon of the 21st century. 

    Main facade materials — water-resistant travertine, copper, ceramic tiles and natural stone

    The water element stays in a humble unison with manmade facades, bringing the energy of life to architecture. From top to bottom, with the help of built-in control systems, water cascades descend from the pavilion on the artificial third floor into the main pool.

    Masonry is made of hexagonal white porcelain tile that resembles the fish ski

    The total area size of the villa is 3000 sq.m. with the underground parking zone. The hidden architecture allows the owners to stay away from prying eyes. Innovative materials are beautiful and laconic. The main material is the water-resistant pearl polished travertine and hexagonal white ceramic tiles with a scale-like pattern, however, the most attractive feature is the metal masonry made of hand-crafted, hammered and brushed copper. Curved glass panels are responsible for the plasticity, and they are erected without any external pillars.

    The architecture is organically combined with the rich tropical nature of the UAE

    Haute craftsmanship captures in the concept of time the monumentality, graphic shapes and delicate, elegant proportions. Art de Vivre or the Art of Living in the unique style of Studia 54 is the manifestation of individuality, a continuous search of perfection and meaningful traditions. Our unique approach in architecture makes it possible to create live, sensory architecture that is united with the natural landscape and provides their owners with comfortable living solutions for a long time.

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