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    Interior design of RosAtom workspace

    The new RosAtom workspace

    Studia-54 developed a new workspace design for RosAtom State Corporation. The designers were inspired by the technologies of the future, the complexity of scientific laboratories and scientists' views on the future.

    RosAtom employees shape the technological environment of the future, so we made the space large-scale and futuristic. The entrance area demonstrates the greatness of the nuclear industry and its openness to new solutions, and the building plan features the logo of RosAtom State Corporation. The core-shaped structure is inspired by Richard Fuller's dome and was invented based on his designs. Inside the core, placed in the center of the hall, there is a two-level conference room - this is the place where new ideas are born. The first level of the conference hall is designed like an amphitheater, while the second level can be transformed and used for various meetings and conferences. The core is placed against the background of a large-scale panoramic window with the image of a cipher. Signs and symbols are created by analogy of the cipher "cryptos" and represent the process of information gathering in the scientific industry. But the connection with nature has not been forgotten - in the courtyard the lanterns are made in the form of trees, and the inner space of the atrium resembles ice blocks.


    The office space is spacious and open. The futuristic style is also evident here: the glass columns are covered with a film depicting a punch card, and the ceiling consists of sound-absorbing panels in the shape of a hexagon, connected by a chain of lights. The ceiling is a kind of painting depicting complex chemical chains of substances used in the nuclear industry. The space is zoned by glass partitions, behind which there are meeting rooms and resting places for employees. 


    The meeting rooms are made in the form of volumetric glass hexagons repeating the geometry of the ceiling. The lights in the glass meeting rooms resemble neural connections in the brain, clots of energy, intertwining of ideas and thoughts. The room is like a capsule that isolates a group of people from the hustle and bustle of the office and allows them to concentrate. Workrooms and closed meeting rooms repeat the style of the entrance area. They are made without unnecessary decorative details, but stand out with broken architectural lines. The rooms resemble a white iceberg that descends from the wall to the ceiling, and the deep blue color represents the seas and oceans. The design of such a large-scale workspace as RosAtom State Corporation is made up of hundreds of elements, each of which is an important part of it.

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