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    Interior design of BlackStarBurger

    BlackStarBurger in Ufa

    Loft style

    We have met BlackStarBurger this fall while in March, the venue is fully functioning. We have designed this atmospheric interior within a relatively small budget and a record time limit, one month only.


    When designing an interior with heavy foot traffic it is essential to consider the load on the materials. For example, the tables are made of artificial stone. For floor covering, we used the polymeric poured floor technology.


    Beside the restaurant interior, we have also designed the kitchen which occupies nearly one half of the venue's area. When designing workspaces, it is essential to consider the number of personnel, the placement of special equipment. We have also taken into account the directions that the personnel will move in, arranged the zones of handling the dishes. Because the success and profitability of a restaurant directly depend on the optimization of all work processes.


    Black Star Burger is all about original serving. Before buying spicy chicken wings "Na Slabo", guests have to fill in the blank stating that they don't have any complaints against the venue. When the dish is served and after two bell clangs, all the open-kitchen employees begin to chant "On a dare" ("Na slabo"). When Mega and VIP-burgers are ordered, the waiter serves the dish to the accompaniment of 5 bell clangs and fireworks.

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