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Interior design of restaurant "Symposium" in classical style

Restaurant "Symposium"

Studia-54 has developed a restaurant design "Symposium" in a classic style.

The restaurant is located on two floors, made in the same style, but with its own characteristics and interesting details. Classic second floor - elegant furniture, a fireplace and chandeliers. The main black color is complemented by bright loft shades: blue, red, green.

The shelves and furniture are made of ebony, with bright colors on this canvas stand out books, sconces, lamps, lampshades, custom-made according to individual drawings. On the walls there are photographs autographed by famous scientists. An important accent of the interior is the installed busts and fireplace, which give a classic style.

The restaurant designers have provided a bar, which is located at the entrance. The facade of the bar is made under the filing of library boxes, and the room itself is decorated with classic elements.

The main task of the designers was to create a literary restaurant where you can read a book at dinner and then purchase it in your collection.

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