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    An apartment in the heart of Petrovsky Island

    The new project by Studia 54 is an apartment in the prestigious Petrogradsky District of St. Petersburg, located in "Petrovsky Quarter on the Water" on Petrovsky Island. The unique location, surrounded by the Malaya Neva and Malaya Nevka rivers, highlights the special status of the property owner, creating an atmosphere of exclusivity.

    Light interior with contrasting dark accents

    The interior, designed in our unique style, embodies unparalleled luxury. Our designers always bring the clients' desires to life. In this project, the request was to create a light interior with contrasting dark accents.

    The overall concept is perfectly complemented by panoramic glazing. A magnificent crystal chandelier and contrasting dichroic Van Gogh marble add a special allure to the interior. Luxurious furniture, including comfortable, streamlined chairs and a Ditre Italia sofa in a warm green hue, were also part of the client's wishes. All furniture pieces harmonize beautifully with elegant small details like an Eichholtz table and a velvet pouf.

    The statement Terzani chandelier and the marble bar counter

    Dining room interior

    The combination of kitchen fronts made of noble dark wood and the refined light decor of the dining area continues the theme of contrasts. A marble bar counter perfectly supports the chosen style. The elegant dining room features a custom-made table with a marble top on a brass base, complemented by Eichholtz chairs and crowned with a stunning Terzani chandelier.

    An exquisite designer bed

    Bedroom interior

    In this luxurious master bedroom, we have combined various materials, textures, and prints to achieve the perfect balance. The exquisite bed with a wide custom-made headboard is complemented by tufted nightstands from Eichholtz. Natural wood panels with milling perfectly match the black tinted mirror inserts. The shelving unit with brass fittings and lighting is also custom-made.

    Contrasting ceramic granite with brass inserts in the master bathroom

    Bathroom design

    The contrasting combination of black and white ceramic granite, highlighted with brass inserts, creates a luxurious effect in the master bathroom. An exquisite bathtub and an elegant table contribute to the harmonious interior of this space.

    The custom-designed wardrobe

    Closet interior

    The custom-designed closet undoubtedly proves to be an excellent solution. Proper lighting, natural wood, details like glass shelves and brass inserts, and a full-length mirror create a flawless combination.

    The boy's bedroom

    The interior of the boy's bedroom

    In creating the interior of a boy's bedroom, we incorporated the client's existing bed and wardrobe. We added bright color accents, unique decorative elements, and lighting. This makes the space comfortable for the child. Our designers have provided areas for both rest and study, and the spacious room can also be used as a play area.

    The Alberta leather sofa in the children's room
    The Alberta leather sofa in the children's room
    Terazzo tile in the children's bathroom

    The interior of the children's bathroom

    In the children's bathroom, Terazzo tiles serve as a colorful accent. The minimalist Lampatron light fixtures and the Cosmorelax stool, combined with a tinted mirror, harmoniously integrate into the interior design.

    Luxurious chest of drawers and unusual mirror by Cattelan Italia

    The interior of the hall

    The focal point in the hall is undoubtedly the combination of the luxurious chest of drawers from Cattelan Italia and the multifaceted mirror from the same brand. The elegance of these pieces is highlighted by the lighting provided by graceful fixtures, adding a special charm. A gypsum bust as a decorative element becomes the perfect accompaniment.

    A wardrobe made of dark solid wood with brass inserts

    The interior of the wardrobe

    An original solution featuring dark solid wood with brass inserts, complemented by open glass shelves for decor, preserves its functionality and maintains the overall project's style. By perfectly combining all elements down to the smallest details, the uniqueness of the interior is recreated, fully reflecting the individuality of the owners.

    By embodying your desires in our unique style, we create the interior of your dreams.

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