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Unique villa design in the UAE

Interior design for a turnkey home in Ras Al Khaimah

The new project of Studia 54 is a stunning interior of a residence in the United Arab Emirates. We developed a unique turnkey solution for a villa in the UAE: architectural design, landscape design and interior.

The client wanted a house with high ceilings and panoramic windows, lots of light, air and space. The result is a project that combines both the client's wish and the recognisable unique style of Studia 54. 

Architectural design of a house in the UAE

Interior with marine motifs

Design of the lounge zone of a villa in the UAE

From the terrace of the villa you can go straight down to the bay, so close to the water the house is located. Therefore, the interior of the house refers to the sea waves, the morning breeze, the smooth lines of the water surface.

The guests' attention will be immediately attracted by the designer chandelier made exclusively for this living room. The accent chandelier like a wave with its swirls creates dynamics in the interior, fills it with life and movement.

Living room of a villa in the UAE

The theme of the sea, waves and fish is the main idea of the interior design of a house on the coast. The ceiling installation chandelier in the dining area is the compositional dominant, the pearl and the heart of the interior. Crystal fish seem to float around the house, flowing from one space to another. The weightlessness of the installations emphasizes the airiness of the space, while the glass backs of the fish reflect the sun's rays and fill the room with millions of bright reflections.

The living room and dining room are separated visually. Instead of zoning with panels or screens, we have chosen colour separation and a sophisticated metal installation. This solution allows us to create functional zones while preserving floor space.

Installations and art

The client is a fine connoisseur of art, so one of his wishes was to include installations, art objects and paintings in the interior. The heart of the flat became ceiling chandeliers with carpets made of crystal crystals. In the staircase area, the water theme was supported by brass fish on the walls, and in the lounge area by a waterfall fountain.

Bedroom with coastal views

The panoramic glazing combined with the thoughtful landscape design creates a very special atmosphere in the bedroom. On the one hand the floor-to-ceiling windows give a feeling of spaciousness and airiness, on the other hand the dense jungle creates a sense of privacy and security. For the comfort of the owners, the windows can also be covered with dense blackout curtains made of customized Italian velour.

For the bedroom interior, we created a unique wall panel designed according to an individual sketch especially for this interior. One of the key features of Studia 54 interiors is exceptional exclusivity in design and decor.

The bedroom is connected to a separate dressing room. The dressing room here is a sacred place with dimmed light, illuminated wardrobes and a massive mirror. Closed wardrobes alternate with open display cabinets with tinted glass so that the exclusive Chanel and LV bag collections are not hidden behind massive doors.

A manifestation of nature in every detail

The design of Studia 54 is the quintessence of visual aesthetics and impeccable functionality in every room of the house.

The master bathroom is an example of the synergy of fine taste and absolute comfort. Nature seems to burst into the space, becoming a part of it, but without breaking the boundaries. The rich green colour of the foliage continues in the majestic olive onyx finish.

The foliage ornaments continue in the lobby, where the silvery streaks of tropical plants seem to have been printed by a galvanising artist on the graphite canvas of the wall. Natural marble flooring and walnut veneer panels complete the overall picture of harmony between man and nature.

The dining room

The magnificence of the accent chandelier design continues with the other details of the dining area. The dining area is furnished with premium furniture from the FiftyFourms brand. The walls are finished in Italian walnut veneer in a deep chocolate tone. The bar table-island made of large-format marble is a monumental work, a visual dominant and simply an extremely aesthetic design element. It is from the little things, details, textures and shapes that a complete interior is formed.

The materials

Only ecological and natural materials were used in the project: American walnut veneer, Italian silky velour, unique shades of onyx, Italian large-format marble, textured Murano glass. The interior of the villa on the coast is an embodiment of simplicity and lyricism, a manifesto of lightness and airiness, a synergy of man and nature.

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