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    Unique recreation resort with modern design in Sosnovy Bor

    Unique recreation resort with modern design in Sosnovy Bor

    The new project from Studia 54 involves developing a layout solution for a commercial project spanning 328 square meters in Sosnovy Bor. The starting point for the design was to depart from typical layouts, rethink the form, while maintaining simplicity and conciseness. By playing with the perception of space, complicating the form, and adding depth through color, we have developed three completely different projects for the recreation resort: a large two-story house, a cottage for one family, and a single-story duplex.

    Geometry manipulation

    One of Studia 54's signature stylistic approaches is playing with the forms of canopies and pedestals. The houses in Sosnovy Bor are no exception: the house's pedestal smoothly transitions into the terrace and echoes the shape of the canopy. Enlarged terraces add useful space and provide an opportunity to commune with nature in solitude.

    Two-story cottage

    Playing with space

    If we rate spaces on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 represents a room without windows and doors, and 10 represents a walk in a meadow, then the houses in Sosnovy Bor would score around 5 or 6. On one hand, the house provides security and comfort. On the other hand, it offers a sense of unity with nature, the opportunity to wake up and fall asleep to the rustle of the forest and the chirping of birds.

    Family house
    Single-story duplex

    Communion with nature

    We work with space without disrupting its integrity. The house and its residents do not conflict with nature but become part of the landscape. In winter, you can warm up by the fireplace while watching the snowfall outside the window. In summer, spend time on the terrace, enjoying the morning mist and the sun's rays breaking through the crowns of ancient pine trees.

    Northern architecture

    In our work, we draw inspiration from the ideas of great avant-gardists and modernists. Their architectural thought was born and embodied in the south, while in the north, we could only dream of floor-to-ceiling windows or summer patios.

    Now it has become possible for us too: modern materials and technologies have shown that northern architecture is much broader than simple chalets. In the design of the recreation resort, wooden panels and large-format ceramic granite are used as the main materials. Insulated thick walls provide a comfortable temperature inside the house, and panoramic windows do not let in cold air but allow the house to "breathe."

    This project embodies the philosophy of Studia 54 — the house as an extension of the landscape, the house as a part of nature.

    Geometry manipulation
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