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Interior design project of a modern villa in Croatia

Exclusive men-only interior in Croatia

Let's dive into the world of exclusive men-only interior in Croatia. This project has become our third collaboration with a wonderful young family from Osijek, and this time we have created a unique design with custom elements from the Star Wars universe and football merchandise.
Living room with a lounge zone, dining area and bar

This project had three main challenges. First, we have been asked to develop a modern, men-only interior design using dark, rich colours and premium materials to showcase the high parties. Secondly, to integrate the Star Wars universe into the design concept and organize the space around the collection of merchandise and symbols of the Croatian national football team. And thirdly, to offer non-trivial design solutions and customized furniture, as presented on other levels of the villa. Behind every idea lies a detailed, meaningful work. This is how our team creates beautiful, comfortable design projects that always comply with all requirements. Interiors in the unique style of Studia 54 represent much more than just the know-how or the expression of creative imagination in the language of design. It is the ultimate design that fills your home with magic, it is the long lasting alliance of creativity, contemporary luxury and technical excellence in each and every project, as we tailor them to the individual lifestyle.

The bar. The island is decorated with genuine wine-coloured leather and black porcelain stoneware. The spirits niche and the side showcases are decorated with red Rosso Levanto Turco marble

The initial space we’ve been presented with was in a very good condition with fine zoning, high ceilings, and the optimal configuration of the premises for the men-only floor. The concept of a “masculine interior” has initially suggested deep shades of grey, wine, chocolate, blue. With a bohemian combination of such natural materials as marble, American walnut, leather, suede, we have achieved a multi-layered, dazzling interior. Our designers created the common living-dining room for a large number of family members and their guests, a separate billiard room, a personal office, a small kitchen and a guest bathroom. Without a doubt, the main highlight of this floor is the wine tasting room with a big storage for wines and champagne. As you enter the level from the hallway, you can see a massive bar island and a niche with a collection of drinks, decorated with red marble, brass, black mirror and natural wood. A comfortable and versatile lighting scenario with adjustable modes can set up the right atmosphere. It had also solved the problem of space zoning: the bar area is continued by the dining area, then is followed by the lounge area with a mini-cinema.

Home cinema

One can easily spot the rich aesthetics and our unique style in this design. The beauty is in the details, such as the luxurious furniture group in grey-wine tones, designer tables, spectacular hanging installation above, natural wood and marble. This design showcases the status of its owner and will definitely receive the highest ratings from his friends. For example, the LED ceiling, which can be controlled manually, resembles the greatest technology of hyperdrive. For this solid, multi-layered interior of the grand living room, we have used two elements from the owner's large collection – the full-length sculptures of Darth Vader and stormtrooper. Elegant suede wall panels with mirrored inserts highlight the TV area.

Wine room

The main showcase of the wine room is decorated with a rare Rosso Levanto marble with a slight purple tone and long white veins. The exclusive design of the custom made wine table hides one very intricate detail: a hollow body can be filled with corks after a successful tasting of a new wine! Hence why, the owners will be able to literally create their own art object and “fill” this table with wonderful memories. We turned it into a kind of picturesque pedestal, framed with brass and tinted glass.

Billiard room with football aesthetics

One of the major challenges that designers face is the pressure of material selection and the difficulty of recreating the atmosphere to perfectly match the customer's character. Having worked with so many interesting projects, we have developed our own unique formula that helps luxury items become a part of everyday life. The secret of a timeless interior consists of three components. It is the necessary functionality, the exclusivity or customized functionality, and the perfect choice of colours and textures with a special underlying meaning.

Billiard room. A collection of t-shirts of the most legendary Croatian football players

The workplace can tell more about the owner than his curriculum vitae, so we always pay special attention to its design. Our main standard is to combine real art and modern design for each room to become a separate story, reflecting the personality of the owner and his certain concept of life. Since it is no longer a secondary room, special attention should be paid to it in the planning solution. Minimalistic, comfortable, with the latest technology for efficient work – this is how the home office of the future should look like. Since the house’s main features are no longer the same, a luxurious house should have at least several spacious offices for each family member. An elegant desk with built-in electronics, a shelving unit with dazzling Explosion Blue marble, impeccable soundproofing – any meetings and negotiations will be successful with the interior by Studia 54!

Home office

Magic chandeliers, rare sorts of marble, rare colour combinations, modern art, comfortable layouts – these words aim to describe something more than the design itself, but rather a whole world of feelings that fill every interior with a sense of life.

Guest bathroom, large format porcelain stoneware

When it comes to such a private space as the bathroom, we try our best to showcase our passion for everything unusual and think over every square metre of the room so that both morning preparations and nighttime routines are very pleasurable. Marvel Cinematic Universe has also been involved in this project: the semi-precious stone, brass and ceramics, as well as the unusual shape of the mirror in the bathroom resemble the arc reactor of Iron Man himself. When the lights are on, the room is filled with the magical glow of a myriad of stars. We invite you to take a fresh look at this interior by Studia 54. Our true mission is to prove that in an infinite number of options, we chose the most unique one for your most comfortable life.

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