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    Interior design of Gods restaurant in St. Petersburg

    The provocative design of the restaurant «Gods»

    How does design affect on restaurant attendance? In order to answer this question, it’s enough to remember what exactly we go to restaurants for, because today it’s not enough to be a restaurant with just good food and excellent service. Arriving at the latest cafe or restaurant, people want to not just have a tasty meal, but to get new impressions and pleasant emotions.
    One of the walls is decorated with a fresco depicting the Madonna

    A properly designed interior will emphasize your concept, highlight your restaurant against the background of a large number of competitors and make it memorable. Moreover, the bodacious interior will provide you with free promotion, thanks to photographs of guests.

    Hands hanging from the ceiling and neon light create an unforgettable atmosphere
    Hands hanging from the ceiling and neon light create an unforgettable atmosphere

    A great example is the provocative design of an author's restaurant located on Rubinstein Street which one is a new courageous project by Studio 54. The restaurant’s interior is based on antique and biblical scenes mixed with modern art: tattooed ancient greek sculptures are located in the aperture of windows, one of the walls is decorated with a fresco depicting the Madonna; a quotation from the Bible “Domine conserva nos in pace” was written above it, which is translated from Latin as “The Lord will keep us in peace”; the hall is decorated with lamps which has the shape of crown of thorns, and a figure of a naked woman with angel wings is suspended above the bar counter.

    The walls are decorated with unusual murals

    At the entrance you will be greeted by an antique fresco with a man carrying a neon cross, the inscription on which says "sin will find you." Neon lights give the entire interior an absolutely unique atmosphere. A properly tuned light is the key to the success of any interior, no matter how bodacious it is. Here, a large number of unusual details, such as hands hanging from the ceiling, unusual wall murals, fragments of figures with tattoos, as well as antique heads are not lost precisely due to the directional light.

    Restrooms in the restaurant as a work of art

    Designing "God", we thought through every detail according to the general concept, but did not forget for a moment the basics of the right design for the restaurant. 65 seats fit in a small area, and all pieces of furniture are made of wear-resistant materials that will last a long time. Despite the fact that in "God" the selfie zone is almost the entire restaurant, because visitors are attracted by every wall here, no doubts that selfies from public conveniences will definitely flood the Internet, providing you with free advertising. The gold inscription "God sees everything" driven into the floor, as well as a large number of mirrors with backlighting in the shape of arches, are literally breathtaking, creating the illusion of complete loss in space.

    Tattooed ancient greek sculptures are located in the aperture of windows

    And, although the interior design of this restaurant evokes different emotions for everyone, it certainly will not leave anyone indifferent, forcing guests to whisper while looking at every detail. Discussions of the "new unusual restaurant" with friends, photos in social networks that cause heated discussion in the comments, news articles and reviews of famous bloggers are inevitable attributes of true popularity, because the best design is the one that are talking about.

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